Divided loyalties

Dear President George and Mrs. Martha Washington,
If you are keeping an eye on the affairs (dare I say) of the United States, you may find the current political scene strangely familiar. You know those elections where John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were at loggerheads over what directions the very new “United” states should take and loyalties to our former allies in Europe?
Well our loyalties — specifically knowing who to vote for in — the upcoming election are sharply divided.
Who will best represent our values? Oh the furor.
Candidate one — a blunt outspoken man whose past “locker room” words and actions, recorded in ways you never dreamed of, are coming back to haunt him in 32-pt type. Kind of an Andrew Jackson type — the man who represents the common man.
Only today, we say person to represent all of us. The ones who don’t make government their career and are feeling lost in the current forays over whose rights count for the most.
Martha, I can tell you women’s rights have progressed to the point where a former First Lady — the job you held during George’s two administrations — is running for president. I think your contemporary Abigail Adams would have cheered. She wanted women’s rights remembered when our constitutional rights were being established.
We have a woman nominee. A proud moment. But tarnished. Her record points to being the opposite of the blunt outspoken man. Electronic correspondence from her time as Secretary of State hidden, deleted, done away with when it is supposed to be subject to strict rules. And her husband is also a womanizer like the blunt candidate.
So, two flawed candidates to represent us folks — who are also flawed.
If you are watching, wish us wisdom and courage in this most interesting time, George and Martha. Wish whoever is elected the wisdom to put the United States’ interests first ahead of their own agendas — at least most of the time.
Sincerely yours,
A wary citizen
(C) 2016 by Mary Louise Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.