Not enough time

I sit here withered, locked in silence
Gazing down from on high as traffic blurs past,
And I wonder if you are gazing out your window, gulping down the quiet
Or spilling through your day in a blur of motion
As little ones clamour and the wash cycle beeps done
And the breakfast dishes are piled haphazardly
And work calls and the Christmas season beckons
And there’s just not enough time
Not enough time
And I am locked, still, in long hours of too much time
Dominated by a silent companion that commands me huddle here
Instead of springing up to join the busyness of your world
Pressed down in my chair, I await the day
When energy surges again through me. Allows me to
 claw off this grey veil and toss it in the scrap heap
and once again experience
enough time
with you.

(C) 2016 by Mary Louise Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.

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Birthing a novel

Its been years since my last great novel expectations. Years of dealing with the break-up of a marriage. Returning to college as a middle-aged student. Dealing with the lows of being homeless for a time.  Battling depression through all of the above.

When life requires major amounts of energy just to survive, creativity, I discovered, tends to hibernate and its not easily coaxed awake.

But I am awake now and reclaiming that long ago ability of mine – the art of birthing a novel.

Writing fiction isn’t simple. The process involves dreaming up fictitious people and setting them up in an imaginary world filled with conflicts – and releasing their angst, areas of denial and growth at the keyboard.

I am thrilled to reconnect with this part of myself. The characters are taking shape inside my head. However, one in particular – I’ll call him the Professor – who’s supposed to play a minor role, keeps bugging me, demanding to be featured in his own chapter.

I tried to shoo him away, go bug another writer. I have two primary characters and they are the only viewpoints I want to present.

Well, the Professor refused to take a hike. Reluctantly I gave in today and was surprised and pleased with the result. He’s got plenty to say about matters in his world.

I don’t know where the next page will take me. But I’m not going to stop until I’ve birthed this novel and gotten it cleaned up and ready for presentation to the world.

Wish me luck!

(C) 2016 by Mary Louise Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.