Investigating the book drop

While waiting for the library to open today, I observed a curious 6 year old who appeared fascinated with the two outside drops for library materials.
His investigation got underway with prying open the metal door and peeking inside.
An older woman, arms loaded with books, asked him to “help” her with returning her reads. He smiled and pulled at the handle. One by one the volumes disappeared from sight.
He asked me what each drop was for. One was for adults, I said and spelled out the letters. The other, I said, was just for people his size to return books and DVD’s.
That seemed to make sense. We both peered through the drops and I told him that the books/materials plunge into a box.
“Then what happens?” he asked.
“Then the librarian comes and checks the books in so more children and adults can check them out.”
Oh. That explanation satisfied him and he ran over to his parent to share the exciting news with them.
I went my way, smiling.

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