I recently received the results of a DNA test and was amazed — and not so surprised — by the results.
My ancestors were evidently very efficient at birthing young ‘uns. I have at least 596 fourth cousins who have also taken the test.Goodness only knows how many haven’t — yet! Imagine if we all gathered for a family reunion! Would we discover traits in common with each other such as looking at life through blue eyes rimmed with green?
My ethnic roots are primarily planted in Western Europe and Ireland/Great Britain. Germany, France, Switzerland and Ireland and England and Scotland).
The tests show I have a smattering of Scandinavian (is that why I love snow?) and Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal with a possible ancient link to North Africa).
Oh and there’s a wee peppering of Finland/Northwest Russia. Think reindeer!
Ironically, those countries’ inhabitants haven’t always gotten along — fighting wars and struggling to hammer out peace accords in the past.
And here I am — thanks to my ancestors — a walking genetic European Union. No br-exiting allowed.
The quest for discovering the genetic side of me is intriguing. Definitely knowing these facts doesn’t replace the current family connections. The need for quality time with loved ones!
However, today I am more rooted in the world community.
–Mary Louise Van Dyke (C) 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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