How do you measure the relationship between you and another person?
In the light of the third anniversary of my friend Beth’s passing, I am pondering that question.
There are times when we are closer — and times of being disconnected from those people who are bright lights to us.
Times where the confidences flow swift and sure because there’s so much you want to say. Other times when silence presses down like a humid day and stifles.
Times where hanging out in the same room feels further apart than being emotionally and mentally connected via social media.
Times of misunderstanding and grumbled words snapped out in moments of exhaustion — and times of loving, “I’m here for you”, “let’s get together today for coffee/tea” thoughts delivered at just the right moment!
Friends, family members are individuals you carry with you as you trudge through through a dozen “have to’ get done’s” day.
Even when the connection between you seems to dim and fray, the cord of caring is still hanging in there.
You carry their pain in your heart. You hope that they find their way over the huge boulders. You cheer them on to reach their goal line. You joy with them and you want the best for them.
And you love them. That’s all. So simple. You love.
–Mary Louise Van Dyke
(C) 2017. All Rights Reserved. For more information contact the writer at

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