For you in London, today is the day  life shifts

Tessaracts with the speed of light.

As unaware  you open the door

See the person who stands there

Sorry etched in shadowed eyes

Stumbling words poring out that mean nothing


But your heart quivers breaks rhythm

This is not real.

Beating thoughts rush through you of nights together

And this morning’s you saying pick up a gallon of milk while you’re at the store

And. All. Oh God all you wanted to say tonight

But tonight the supper already fixed will become rubbish fill

The comforter on the bed stay smooth

But there won’t be any comfort Not tonight. Maybe never again

As you plunge into the pit of unreality

Heaped on your those stumbling words

Of “I am sorry to say this… ”

By Mary Lou Van Dyke  © 2017

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