Today is Election Day here in the United States.

In the furor over who becomes president, it’s easy to overlook the local aspect today. But I am hoping voters in my area approve additional funding for emergency medical services, for development of our green park/trail systems, for adding more commuter rail lines in the Seattle-Everett and regions further south.

These issues matter.

Then there are the races for president, for governor and a host of local and other state positions. What a bloody process its been, chiefly among our two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Neither is illustrious. Or perfect.

But the reality is one of them will become our next president. I plan to do my best to show support for whichever one wins — despite grave reservations.

May whoever is elected:

Proceed with integrity, care and concern for the citizens and others who reside here in the United States.

Remember to speak thoughtfully and to act in a timely, reasoned manner.

Base decisions on what is best for the United States and not just for themselves and the closest friends who helped them get elected.

God help us all — and may we all do our best to help ourselves!

(C) 2016 by Mary Louise Van Dyke.


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