My primary job (well one of three jobs) calls for giving support to people who are working to live their lives to the fullest. Yesterday was a tough day — for a valiant person who was wracked with pain. I held their hand for a short time, tried to soothe away the hurting, while marveling at the strong spirit inside their fragile shell. Shared with others, the frustration of hoping medications would ease the torture.


And afterwards I made sure to take some special time for myself before hopping on the bus to return home. Supporting others — care giving is a privilege — and I realize more and more the value of making sure I have time to renew and engage in something that gives me quiet afterwards.

I am naturally inclined  to think I should keep going and going — yes, like that proverbial energizer bunny — but that’s not reality. Not a reasonable reality. Life drains. We need those moments to recharge. To find stillness within ourselves.

Time to just be!

Today I invite us all to do just that!

(C) 2016 by Mary Louise Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.



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